Asphalt Xtreme: How to win all races?

Asphalt Xtreme is the latest title in the Gameloft Asphalt series. And, this time, the action happens off-road with buggies, SUVs and muscular cars on race grounds not always easy. To improve your driving, follow this guide.

Using Nitro


  • The Nitro button is very useful. Tapping on once gives your vehicle a simple boost, but tapping it repeatedly takes you to the top speed.
  • You can restore your Nitro bar by collecting power bonuses during the race.
  • You can also recharge your Nitro more quickly by skidding long.
  • But the most interesting way to gain speed is to boost with three bars full of Nitro and wait for the bar to turn red. Then boost the Nitro to reload the bar. The fact is that in theory you are accumulating a huge chain of Nitro on the most powerful cars.
  • Destroy objects during the race and you will have more Nitro.
  • Nitro bars are not only used for overtaking, but also to hit a vehicle that will in turn recharge your Nitro gauge.

    Know Your Vehicles

    • Each type of vehicle offers a unique experience.
    • The buggies are light, fast and suitable for jumps.
    • Rally cars are lightning-fast and very skilled in drifting, but they are not often effective in duels against other vehicles.
    • SUVs are very strong to hit their opponents. On the other hand, they do not perform well for trickery. Their skill is limited only to their ability to save their nitro.
    • The muscular cars have very good statistics in all areas, except they are gourmet in Nitro.
    • Pickups, trucks and monster trucks are strong. They can easily get out their opponents, and their Nitros are the best to set aside a competitor.
    • Several secondary bonuses exist, accumulate them
      • Each race is defined by two main bonus goals. Generally, these are missions such as making barrels or flying for a while.
      • Rewards are often updates to your vehicle. Asphalt xtreme hack

        Winning boxes

        • You win free boxes of cards by collecting stars during each race, you win them only through the multiplayer mode.
        • By winning 3 races in multiplayer mode, you will receive a box of cards.
        • You can also buy them with your chips that are rare in the game unless you do not want to buy them with real change.
        • Perseverance is also paid by updates in the game.



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