FIFA 17 Guide: Special Movements – This is how all the tricks go

In FIFA 17 , we present the key combinations of all skill moves prior to PS4 and PS3. How do the 5-star tricks go?

In FIFA 17 there are countless opportunities to create goal chances or remain in the ball possession. A proven method for this is a strong passport to run the ball and the opponents and to break gaps into the opponent’s defensive lines.

If your player has strong skills in your team, you can also make your opponents dizzy and overshoot them with various special moves. This only works if you know exactly which buttons you have to press.

In the following, we present the key combinations of all tricks in FIFA 17. Currently we have only those for PS4 and PS3 before, however, the special movements on the Xbox with the respective key descriptions can also be executable.Fifa-17 shot

5-Star Tricks – Few players can use them

In order for you to perform certain special moves, your players need certain prerequisites. This is a star-Unit: The more stars has a virtual football, the more – and better – tricks he can. One star is the minimum, five stars are the maximum. FIFA 17 Hack

These are the 1-star tricks

With only one star can be done almost no tricks. You can only hold the ball up and make a standing foot while standing.Special motion1

These are the 2-star tricksSpecial motion2Special motion3

These are the 3-star tricksSpecial motion4

These are the 4-star tricksSpecial motion5Special motion6

These are the 5-star tricksSpecial motion7Special motion8Special motion9


Special motion10Special motion11

Notes :

  • An up arrow means you must press in the direction of travel. Accordingly, you must move the right or left stick in the respective game situation. Astuce FIFA 17
  • Hold means that you have to maintain a certain time pressed long in the direction of the stick.
  • Flick means short press in the direction, then return the stick to the original length.
  • Some special movements can only be carried out while standing, like the juggling rattles.

How many stars a player has, you can see in the detailed view of each player. Especially in FUT 17, this is interesting for your Ultimate Team: What do your players have so much at all?

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