Dawn of Titans Cheat Trick – Unlimited Gold and Gems

Hello my friends, and welcome to the best tips and tricks site of Android and iOS games. Today we would like to introduce you to this perfect cheat tool and at the same time help you to progress in the game in the blink of an eye. Dawn of Titans Tip allows you to acquire Gold or Unlimited Gems. And the best part about it is that you do not need to download anything. In a few steps you will be able to access all the functions you want. You can access the Dawn of Titans Tip using the button below. The online generator works great on all Android / iOS and Windows devices.

What can accomplish the Dawn of Titans Tip?

Designed by our team of programmers, it is a free online software allowing the addition to your account of Gold and Gems unlimited. This cheating tool will certainly give you the opportunity to play the game at its highest level. And you will not have to worry about getting caught, our engine using the latest methods of encryption and concealment of your true data. For your information, this cheat is completely secure and clean. Dawn of titans gems hack

Dawn of Titans Tip – Unlimited Gold and Gems

Dawn of Titans

How does the Dawn of Titans Cheat?

It is very simple to use. All you’ll have to do is visit our Dawn of Titans Cheat page, clicking on the button above and start by filling out what you need. First, you will need to educate how many Gold and Gems you want to generate using this tool. There is also an option to use a proxy if you want to conceal your identity as well as your cheating activities. Normally, you do not need to change this option, and it is enabled by default. Finally, you can complete the process by pressing the “Generate” button and then waiting for the resources to arrive on your account.

Dawn of Titans Tip

Dawn of Titans

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems


  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Compatible with Android / iOS / Windows platforms
  • Anonymous proxy script
  • No download required
  • Anti-Ban system implemented and Proxy for the security of your account>

Dawn of Titans Online Generator

Dawn of Titans

  • Starting the Online Generator
  • Insert your username
  • Enter the quantity
  • It’s finish !

Asphalt Xtreme: How to win all races?

Asphalt Xtreme is the latest title in the Gameloft Asphalt series. And, this time, the action happens off-road with buggies, SUVs and muscular cars on race grounds not always easy. To improve your driving, follow this guide.

Using Nitro


  • The Nitro button is very useful. Tapping on once gives your vehicle a simple boost, but tapping it repeatedly takes you to the top speed.
  • You can restore your Nitro bar by collecting power bonuses during the race.
  • You can also recharge your Nitro more quickly by skidding long.
  • But the most interesting way to gain speed is to boost with three bars full of Nitro and wait for the bar to turn red. Then boost the Nitro to reload the bar. The fact is that in theory you are accumulating a huge chain of Nitro on the most powerful cars.
  • Destroy objects during the race and you will have more Nitro.
  • Nitro bars are not only used for overtaking, but also to hit a vehicle that will in turn recharge your Nitro gauge.

    Know Your Vehicles

    • Each type of vehicle offers a unique experience.
    • The buggies are light, fast and suitable for jumps.
    • Rally cars are lightning-fast and very skilled in drifting, but they are not often effective in duels against other vehicles.
    • SUVs are very strong to hit their opponents. On the other hand, they do not perform well for trickery. Their skill is limited only to their ability to save their nitro.
    • The muscular cars have very good statistics in all areas, except they are gourmet in Nitro.
    • Pickups, trucks and monster trucks are strong. They can easily get out their opponents, and their Nitros are the best to set aside a competitor.
    • Several secondary bonuses exist, accumulate them
      • Each race is defined by two main bonus goals. Generally, these are missions such as making barrels or flying for a while.
      • Rewards are often updates to your vehicle. Asphalt xtreme hack

        Winning boxes

        • You win free boxes of cards by collecting stars during each race, you win them only through the multiplayer mode.
        • By winning 3 races in multiplayer mode, you will receive a box of cards.
        • You can also buy them with your chips that are rare in the game unless you do not want to buy them with real change.
        • Perseverance is also paid by updates in the game.



Tips and tricks to get started in CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 (Games, iPhone and iPad v1.4.4, 4.5 / 5-3365 votes, VO, 723.7 MB, Game Center, iOS 8.0+, NaturalMotion) was released a few days ago and it is estimated that the risk To meet a great success, just like its predecessors. Only CSR Racing 2 is not so simple, even simplistic, one might think at first. It requires investment of time, and perhaps also money for those who would like to progress faster than average.   The site PocketGamer published a small English-start guide providing tips to optimize its progress in CRS Racing 2 . So here are the best tips to start like a pro.


The first few seconds of a race are the most crucial and if you plan to get ahead of your opponents, accelerate when the speedometer is in final position every time. In this way, you will avoid skating and therefore a disaster. When the clock begins the countdown, it is necessary to accelerate until the needle is in the orange segment at the moment when the count is ‘2’. In this way, when it falls it will be located in the green at the beginning of the race. CSR Racing 2 cheats Gold


It sounds tempting, but if you’ve got a good start, resist the temptation to use your booster until you really need it. When your opponent starts to gain ground on you, it’s the right time to use the booster and retain your advantage.


It is also tempting initially to spend your money in cosmetic improvements. But from an optimization point of view, it is better to focus on the performance improvements that will make it easier to win races. When you get the free Nitro improvement, concentrate on the tires. Make them strong and reduce the likelihood of slipping to be more efficient on the road.


, there is so much to see from it is easy to forget the awards or to be suspicious about free gifts. However, take everything you are given and constantly check the menu on the left to get your rewards. This will bring you the money needed for the improvements you need.


The most important lesson to learn in CSR Racing 2 is shifting. Do it correctly and you will drive at an optimum speed. In order to achieve this, keep your eye on the speedometer continuously and memorize the best time to shift the gear. You will recognize the right moment when shifting does not affect your pace. If you have your own tips to share with us and our readers, do not hesitate to suggest them in the comments.

Clash of Clans Defense strategie

Beginner’s Tips

  • Eerste TimersMaak je geen zorgen, uw gebouwen zal terugkomen. U moet niet ongerust makenover het verliezen van om het even wat structurele alleen goud en elixer eigenlijk.Wanneer u zich terug op het spel aanmeldt, ziet u dat u hebt aangevallen, veel vande gebouwen in ruïne worden zal, en in ongeveer 20 seconden, zij hebben “rug omhoog aangedreven zal” en je uit en draait weer bent.
  • Bekijk roosterNadat u een item op het scherm plaatst, ziet u een gemarkeerd gebied rond uw dorp. Dit is een gebied dat de vijand niet starten binnen dus zorg ervoor dat u niet allegaten verlaten door het plaatsen van structuren te ver uit elkaar.
  • De rand niet zal bespaart uBouwspel uw dorp dichtbij de rand van het scherm stopt niet aanvallers niet kan worden gestart in de groene omgeving. Je moet nog verdedigen vanuit alle richtingen.
  • HuddleBouw je dorp dicht bij elkaar om te profiteren van het houden van alle dingen onder bescherming van je wapens. Zorg ervoor dat u verschillende soorten wapens die elkaar in het geval dat je aangevallen van de grond of de lucht (bijvoorbeeld canon =aarde, lucht verdediging = lucht en boogschutters = beide.) Gratis Clash of Clans gems

Intermediate Guide

  • Kracht in getallen Zodra u hebt je clan kasteel herbouwd en sloot zich aan bij een clan, zorg om het tevullen door troepen donaties aanvragen voordat u zich afmeldt. Terwijl soilders in uw leger kampen slechts goed zijn voor aanvallen, kunnen de troepen in de clan kasteel ook je dorp verdedigen. Wanneer u de clan kasteel selecteert, ziet u een drempel straal (net als met andere wapens) weergegeven waaruit u wanneer deze troepen zal worden ingezet. Profiteer van de extra troepen voor defensie. Het is een van de grote voordelen in wezen in een goede clan.
  • Sacrafice the Town HallJe hebt al uw derde bouwer en je bent niet deel van één van de beste clans, u bentwaarschijnlijk niet zo betrokken met trofeeën als zijn meer geïnteresseerd in de landbouw voor goud en elixer. Door het plaatsen van het stadhuis buiten uw muren zult u het verleidelijk voor aanvallers te gaan na het. Wanneer ze te vernietigen, zal het hen een automatische overwinning met één ster geven. Het geeft je ook een automatische schild. Uw doel hier is om te beschermen van de goud en elixer opslag en geen zorgen te maken over overwinningen en verliezen. Zodra u hebt gebouwd een moordenaar base, kunt u zorgen over te gaan voor de trofeeën.
  • 40% vernietigd is 100% goedPlaats niet goud en elixer holding (opslag, mijnen, en pompen) buiten uw muren telaten worden vernietigd. Veel als het vernietigen van het stadhuis, krijg als de aanvaller 40% van uw gebouwen vernietigt, je een langer schild zonder eigenlijk geen middelen.

Pro Tips

  • Train je volgende leger Voordat u zich afmeldt, vul uw leger kampen met een aanvallende leger. Het spel gebruikt om te doden die troepen als de base werd verwoest tijdens een aanval, maar nu zij allen zullen overleven de aanval. U kan ook zoveel elixer in een bruikbare setvan troepen als je kunt investeren.
  • Stock upOok, zodra uw kampen vol zijn, train zoveel wallbreakers als je in elk Barak kunt. Terwijl ze niet de duurste, ze zijn het duurst per ruimte huisvesting (dat wil zeggen, niveau 5 wallbreaker = 3.000 voor 1 huisvesting ruimte zo 3k/ruimte en een niveau 3 P.E.K.K.A = 50.000 voor 25 huisvesting ruimten, dus 2k/ruimte.) Dit duurt elixer uit hetspel voor het binnenvallen van legers die alleen kunnen gaan na uw pompen en deopslag. U kunt ze untrain wanneer u terugkeert naar het geleende elixer terug in uwopslagplaatsen te besteden elders krijgen.

FIFA 17 Guide: Special Movements – This is how all the tricks go

In FIFA 17 , we present the key combinations of all skill moves prior to PS4 and PS3. How do the 5-star tricks go?

In FIFA 17 there are countless opportunities to create goal chances or remain in the ball possession. A proven method for this is a strong passport to run the ball and the opponents and to break gaps into the opponent’s defensive lines.

If your player has strong skills in your team, you can also make your opponents dizzy and overshoot them with various special moves. This only works if you know exactly which buttons you have to press.

In the following, we present the key combinations of all tricks in FIFA 17. Currently we have only those for PS4 and PS3 before, however, the special movements on the Xbox with the respective key descriptions can also be executable.Fifa-17 shot

5-Star Tricks – Few players can use them

In order for you to perform certain special moves, your players need certain prerequisites. This is a star-Unit: The more stars has a virtual football, the more – and better – tricks he can. One star is the minimum, five stars are the maximum. FIFA 17 Hack

These are the 1-star tricks

With only one star can be done almost no tricks. You can only hold the ball up and make a standing foot while standing.Special motion1

These are the 2-star tricksSpecial motion2Special motion3

These are the 3-star tricksSpecial motion4

These are the 4-star tricksSpecial motion5Special motion6

These are the 5-star tricksSpecial motion7Special motion8Special motion9


Special motion10Special motion11

Notes :

  • An up arrow means you must press in the direction of travel. Accordingly, you must move the right or left stick in the respective game situation. Astuce FIFA 17
  • Hold means that you have to maintain a certain time pressed long in the direction of the stick.
  • Flick means short press in the direction, then return the stick to the original length.
  • Some special movements can only be carried out while standing, like the juggling rattles.

How many stars a player has, you can see in the detailed view of each player. Especially in FUT 17, this is interesting for your Ultimate Team: What do your players have so much at all?

6 tips for getting started with the Clash Royale spinoff of Clash of Clans


If you are an experienced Clash of Clans, you will quickly get hold of Clash Royale if it is not already. If you just starting to play this new strategy game, here are 6 tips to help you quickly earn points and climb the steps.

Play the card of patience


  1. Contrary to what to do in Clash of Clan, be patient in Clash Royale;
  2. Wait until you have a score of 10 before starting your units to attack the enemy base;
  3. So you’ll have the right defensive units placed in strategic locations.


Protect your heroes

to claim victory in Clash Royale, remember to protect your assets (your hero). To do this :

  1. Secure your baby dragon, your giant and your prince;
  2. Instead, put the Gobelins and online Barbarians front so that your hero can attack in the best conditions;
  3. Note that the Musketeers and the Valkyries are best placed to ensure the protection of your heroes.

Take action as appropriate

  1. In Clash Royal Hack, know make good decisions;
  2. If the enemy troops are approaching your base; push them using your best tactics of attack;
  3. Once pushed, adopt a more defensive technique to save the maximum of your items.

Go on a quest card

to expand your army, you will need maps, many cards. For it :

  1. Unlock chests;
  2. Join a clan;
  3. Request card donations from other clans.

Vary your troops

in this game, the more your troops are varied, they are more effective. To make this possible:
Be creative and test different combinations of characters in your assaults;
After several attacks, you will definitely find the best combination.

Enjoy free coffers

Do everything to get the maximum safe. To do this, there is no one answer. Go back into the game at least every 8 hours, for free boxes are distributed every 4 hours.